Cheap thrills in Goa: New year’s eve

Partying on new year’s eve, on most of the occasion, have made me regret the next day. Too much crowd in hotels/clubs, hustle-bustle on the streets, the crowd going berserk at not getting food/ drinks on time leaves me in a perplexed state. So 2017 had to be a peaceful one. And what better than South Goa!
Road trip-South Goa
Hire a bike of your own choice, select a destination, put on the GPS and off you go on a road trip. It’s like you are in a Vice City!
While North Goa is crowded and boisterous on new year’s eve, south maintains its charm by being extremely calm and pristine. Mostly pervaded by foreigners, you may for once, feel like entering in a foreign land.
Shacks at Majorda Beach
Laid back morning at Majorda Beach.
I had 3 more friends accompanying me on this journey. I, being the only mutual friend amongst us, we were skeptical about how our trip will end. Though, I am always eager to have a new and refreshing experience; whether good or bad, both come with learning. And to all of our surprise, it turned out to be one of the most memorable trips. Since the stay and bikes were heavy on our pockets, we decided to rent only bikes and managed to sleep on the station and on beaches. This was our first experience of celebrating the new year in an unorthodox way.
Adventure in South Goa
The sky was our blanket, the sand our bed, and the waves sang a lullaby for us.
No one ever complained of how uneasy they felt while sleeping on the station, or the chills they felt while sleeping on the cold sand, no one ever desired to go to the fancy shacks/hotel; we ate in decent, less crowded hotels, cherished any kind of music played in the vicinity, dancing to the tune of life, clicked fewer pictures but saved every moment in our hearts. We were all like-minded and decided to enjoy our trip the way it came to us and this turned into an adventure.
Celebrating new year in south goa
Welcome, 2017!
“I can’t believe we did this! It was my dream to sleep on the beach under the open sky”- said one of my friends as the sun alarmed to wake us up for the one last time on the beach and I questioned myself in introspection whether this journey was a reward for living in the moment without complaining about anything that we lacked! We earned happiness while spending less money keeping a promise in our hearts to visit Goa again.
Here’s the glimpse of the places we visited in South Goa.

Majorda Beach :

Adventure sports at Majorda Beach- South Goa

White sand beach- Majorda- South Goa

Varca Beach :

Varca beach- South Goa

Serene Varca beach

Cola Beach :

Sunset at Cola beach

less known Cola beach

Khola Beach- Cola beach

Sweet water lake- Cola
Sweetwater Lake, Cola

Cavelossim Beach :

Cafe Beach Hut-Cavelossim

Cavelossim Beach

Sunset at Cavelossim beach

P.S – All pictures are clicked from mobile. 

Author: Hariom PrabhakarSingh

Finding solace in travel and writing.

7 thoughts

  1. That’s quite awesome, sleeping on the beach…wow!
    And, this post reminds me of my south goa visit about four years back. I think I should write about that as we had some interesting experiences there.


      1. Doesn’t sound one bit stupid to me. Rather exciting. Something will qualify as stupid only if you are risking your life or risking your safety. This one’s well with safety limits 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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