Mythological importance of Kheerganga

Kheerganga is a land of Shiva. But most importantly, it is the place where Lord Karthikey went in deep meditation and gave up all the worldly things.

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Here’s the story-

According to the localites, it was the time when Lord Shiva asked their son Karthikey and Ganesh to travel around the world. Lord Ganesh thinking that the whole world lies at His parent’s feet, He circumferenced around them (Shiva and Parvati), while Lord Karthikey embarked on His journey of the world tour. Impressed by Ganesha’s wit, Shiva made him the king. Years after Karthikey returned home, He saw that Ganesh was made the king and was enjoying all the powers and facilities He had expected being an elder brother.
Frustrated and angry, He went to the cave (which is in Kheerganga) for deep meditation.

Cave where lord Karthikey meditated
Cave where lord Karthikey meditated.

Later, Shiva and Parvati came here to take Karthikey home. Out of love for his son, Goddess Parvati made the kheer (rice pudding) flow from the mountain (kheer-ki-ganga which literally translates to the river of rice pudding). Later lord Parshuram, on realizing the oncoming of kalyug and that there could be a fight amongst people, stopped the kheer and what remained is the hot water.

Hot Water spring- Kheerganga

Even now, one can see the white rubber-like particles (malai) along with the hot flowing water. The water remains boiling hot throughout the year and is said to be rich in natural minerals and can cure stomach related disorders. Lord Shiva liked this place so much that he decided to stay here. It is said that Lord Shiva himself meditated here for thousands of years.

wall painting- Kheerganga
Painting on the temple wall depicting their stay in Kheerganga.

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