Tosh in monsoon

Sweating, panting and thirsty, with drizzling rain, we began our climb to a beautiful village; Tosh and suddenly the cloud disappears, the sun shines bright with a view of the village far away and everyone halts. “Look, look, a rainbow !”

And the little child in me aroused making me realize, once again, how wonderful it is to find joy even in the simplest form. We began clicking pictures and the smile on my face was in no mood to fade away!

Double Rainbow in Tosh
Can you spot one more rainbow in the picture? It was a double rainbow!

How could I not come back to the place that taught me to live! After all, I had sworn to myself to return during monsoon.
Read to know more about my previous trip- A solo trip that changed me forever!
It was time to explore Parvati valley more. This time, I had managed to convince 3 of my friends to join me. The view was totally different in monsoon. The bus journey up to Barshaini was telling a different story this time.

Manikaran in monsoon
The bus halted on the main road past Manikaran for few minutes while waiting for more passengers to arrive and we got off the bus to wander around. Time just stops here in the mountains. Nobody is in hurry!

The mountains that were covered in snow during my last visit had turned totally green and the fresh air with the cool breeze brought a sense of freedom along with it.

Confluence of Tosh and Parvati river.
The confluence of Tosh and Parvati river.
Hike from Barshaini to Tosh
An hour of a hike from Barshaini leads up to the Tosh village.

So much greenery that it could hurt one’s eyes! The marijuana plants, various flowers, and fruits were in full bloom. The smell of marijuana was filled in the air making us high already! I immediately plucked an apple to have a real taste of organic fruit which I may never experience in cities and boy, was it delicious!

Apples in Tosh

Mountain kids
Happy souls!
Pulga village
That’s Pulga village, as seen while hiking to Tosh.
Tosh village

Staring at the mountains, watching clouds hovering over the peaks, listening to waterfall in the vicinity, taking a stroll around the village and clicking pictures is how we killed our time in Tosh. (That can be summed up as doing absolutely nothing. Ha Ha!)

Olive Garden Cafe, Tosh
I had my head in the clouds- Literally!
View from Olive garden Guest house, Tosh
View from our room.
Me and my dog
You and I… in this beautiful world… green grass, blue sky!

After relaxing for 2 days, our zeal to explore more took us to a village named Kalga.
How to get there?

Tosh is 3 km hike from Barshaini or one can also reach via taxi that leads up to Tosh.

To know more about how to reach Barshaini, read the FAQs answered in the below link:
Kheerganga: Trek to the mystical land
Where to stay?

There are plenty of options available to stay at Tosh. My personal favorite is Olive Garden rest house. They charged Rs.400/ night for 4 people.
Best time to visit?

Any time of the year is favorable to visit this place. However, I would suggest avoiding visiting here in summer as the place is crowded making the rates soar high.
Places to visit in Tosh?

There is nothing really much to do in Tosh except appreciating the beauty around. However one can further hike up to Kutla village that is 3kms from Tosh.

Author: Hariom PrabhakarSingh

Finding solace in travel and writing.

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