Kalga: A hamlet from a fairytale

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A sleeping hamlet lost in its own world with very few tourists, this place is a land of flowers! The apple orchards, white and purple colored flowers were in abundance that lit the whole village just like the string of tiny bulbs lights up a place during festivals.

Barshaini, Kasol
“I see trees of green, red roses too; I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!”
on my way to kalga
On my way to Kalga.
First view of Kalga
The first view of the village.

Flowers in Kalga

Land of flowers- Kalga

Apple orchards in Kalga
Apple orchard- Plucking apples are strictly prohibited here.

In contrary to the fewer tourists, I could spot multiple guest houses throughout the village. Apparently, most of the villagers have converted their home into a guest house. So, there are plenty of guest houses that gives the feeling of staying in a typical Himachali house made up of woods, painted in vibrant colors with attractive names that perfectly blends with the hippie vibes of this valley.

Cottage in Kalga
Surrounded by the apple orchards- The Apple Cottage.

Kalga village

We decided to walk to the far end of the village and finally found the place to stay. Tucked amidst apple orchards, tall shrubs and wildflowers, this house popped straight out of a fairytale!

Passing through the valley of flowers, we reach our guest house.
Stoned place cafe-Kalga
Guest house- Stoned Place

View from guest house-Kalga

weeds in Kalga
Weed, apples, and flowers

This place literally looked stoned with no one to be seen around. After a while, we could spot a café on the ground floor where a guy was getting high, ready to light up an another chillum. He somehow managed to show us the rooms and even before we could negotiate for the deal we were humbly invited in the café to smoke hash. The deal was finally sealed for Rs.400/night for 4 people. However, I would not recommend this place for stay as the food was not good. Can’t blame the guy as he was high all day.
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Kalga village

apple orchard in Kalga

Dogs in Kalga
And then, there were dogs who accompanied us throughout our stay in Kalga.


A walk in the village
A walk in the woods.
valley of flowers- Kalga
Just like a cartoon character’s eyes roll in a dollar sign looking at the money!

Village on the other side of Kalga

After wandering through the length and breadth of the village and spending a comfortable night in Kalga, we embarked on a journey to Kheerganga the next day.
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How to reach?

Kalga is approx. 45mins hike from Barshaini. Take a right from the hydroelectric power dam in Barshaini to reach here. Refer to FAQ in below link to learn how to reach Barshaini.
Kheerganga: Trek to the mystical land
Where to stay?

There are plenty of options available with charges starting from Rs.200/night.
What time to visit?

Any time of the year is favorable to visit Kalga.

Author: Hariom PrabhakarSingh

Finding solace in travel and writing.

12 thoughts

    1. The homestays range from rs 200- 1000. I have no idea about the other homestays as I stayed in the ‘stoned place’ cafe and did not bother to look further. Kalga is a small village and one can wonder around and select the homestay as suitable.


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