From Guhaghar, with love

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My sleep was interrupted by the announcement made from the bus stand opposite to my lodge. It was 6.30 a.m. and the first bus of the day was ready to make its way through the winding roads. I stood on the balcony to see Guhaghar at this time of the day where silence was drifting along with the fresh air. As I stood there absorbing peace, I got lost in the reverie about the previous day’s series of misfortunate events. How I and my friends passed the whole night at a railway station, as the train was delayed by 5hrs and reached Guhaghar in the evening instead of reaching by noon. Although our body was deprived of the rest it needed, we kept exploring the places till all the street lights were out. So as soon as I reached the hotel, I hit the bed and was out like a light! Adventure, sometimes, is only good when remembered as a thing of the past.
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Guhaghar beach

This morning, however, I was revived with the fresh aroma of the earth. The roads were moist and brushed away by the last night’s heavy rainfall. Though we had seen the most of the places by now, it was waiting to reveal its true self in solitude. My friends were in deep sleep and so I decided to have a company of my new camera and venture out on my own. The empty road with closed shops on either side was left for me to discover and dream the morning away. The leaves were sparkling green, wet and heavy with the dew. The chirping birds, the smell of leaves, wet twigs and branches provoked instant happiness in me. The temples, old rustic houses and the new houses with vibrant colors added to the beauty of this tranquil town. The glistening green paddy fields and the coconut trees that embellished the houses provided the final stroke to nature’s art. Most of the houses were decorated with lights and prayer songs echoed from the few houses since it was Ganesh Chaturthi. Unlike reciting songs on mike through boisterous loudspeakers in the cities, the Morning Prayer proceeded here with great devotion and large gatherings of family members. This made me realize the charm of the countryside, with simple people living an extraordinarily simple life.
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Guhaghar in morning

Temple in Guhaghar

Temples of Guhaghar

Vyadeshwar temple- Guhaghar

Temples of Guhaghar

Homes in Guhaghar
Home with coconut and banana plantations.

Homes in Guhaghar

Homes in Guhaghar

Homes in Guhaghar

Homes in Guhaghar


Homes in Guhaghar

The place had slowly started unfolding its love for me until my stomach growled with hunger. The seemingly aimless wandering came to a halt when I spotted the only restaurant open in the whole stretch. I sated my appetite with missal pav and a cup of tea and soon made my way to the beach. The beach was clear with almost no plastics and other wastes in sight. As I walked down the beach, silence accompanied me freeing my mind from the reality and I was transported into a surreal world. As if everything came alive speaking to me. The whiff of the rain in the air was telling about its affair with the soil. The soft sands of the beach welcomed the waves that kissed the shore gently, whispering about their journey. The hills, on either side of the beach, were painted in green and enveloped in mist as if shying away from revealing their virgin beauty.
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Guhaghar beach


I witnessed romance in the solitude, where everyone played their part in contributing towards love and peace. I decided to be a part of this romance and soon waded my way through the sea, played with the waves, dived into the salty water, walked barefoot on the beach, humming songs with the birds and sands tickling my soles. As I left them free in their own world, they let me be! And in those little moments, we all became one, existing for each other. How wonderful it was to spend time in such quietness, away from the mad rush and hustle bustle of the city! Only if humans could understand their oneness with nature!

Guhaghar beach

For now, it was time to come back to reality and thus I was on the road again for yet another adventurous journey and hopefully an even better destination. My friends joined me after having “their kind of vacation” and soon we were on our way to Jaigad Fort and Ganpatipule. Here’s sending love and peace from this little piece of haven in Konkan region.


How to reach?

Via train Chiplun is nearest railway station for Guhaghar. The distance from Chiplun to Guhaghar is approx. 50 km. The cheapest way to reach Guhaghar is to board a state transport(S.T) bus from S.T bus stand in Chiplun. However, one can hire a taxi/ rickshaw as well which will be costlier than the former.
Via Road One will have to reach Chiplun which is very well connected via road from major cities like Pune and Mumbai.

Where to stay?

Plenty of stay options are available with prices starting from Rs.500 for 2 people/night.

What to eat?

Try Misal Pav and Pohe for breakfast and Malvan (Sea-food) food is a specialty throughout the Konkan region.

What to see?

In Guhaghar Guhaghar beach, Vyadeshwar temple, Durga Devi Temple.
Around GuhagharGopalgad Fort and Lighthouse in Anjanvel is 11km from Guhaghar towards the north.

Towards the south, Velneshwar Beach and the temple, Hedvi Beach are the main attractions and both the places are on the same route, within 20km from Guhaghar.

One can further, continue towards the South and visit Jaigad Fort, Ganpatipule, and Ratnagiri.

Our itinerary was Mumbai-Guhaghar-Jaigad Fort- Ganpatipule.

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