Kalatop: The Poetic Beauty

On a gloomy day,

With mists covering the peaks,

Cold breaking the spirit,

I embark,

Once again,

To see beyond the ordinary,

Sometimes struggling for breath,

Refusing to rest.

Sometimes giving up on the obstinate determination.

Every step that requires no physical strength,

But madness,

Makes me question myself, “Why?”

But, as I look up to the mountains,

I escape from the physical boundaries,

Weaving my own dreams,

Refusing to accept the reality.

Sweating, panting, parched with thirst,

Secretly seeking peace within.





As I climb,

The beautiful looking valleys and peaks show their dark side.

The clouds roar with the uncertainty of the weather,

The wind blows echoing in the emptiness,

The trees furiously sway with the winds,

The Jungle looks like a Devil’s home.




It feels the same;

The turbulence in the inside as well as the outside.

With each step,

The feeling intensifies further,

Leaving no room for fear and pain.

Nothing matters.

Walking is the only thing happening right now.


The views and vistas change at each turn,

With the perspectives and the feelings within.

And by now, I’ve learned to let everything flow,

Just like the ever flowing river,

Making its way by cutting through the rocks.


As I make my way to the final destination,

I look back at the view,

And everything looks in harmony,

So beautiful!

It’s all perfect, I’m perfect!



My senses try to capture every single detail it can.

“Wow!” is the only word that escapes involuntarily through my lips.


And I sit there, with no more questions,

Just a strange feeling of calmness and fulfillment,

I can’t explain.

I sit there,

Listening to the whispers of my teacher.

For more details about Kalatop, refer to the blog written by Shubham Mansingka

Author: Hariom PrabhakarSingh

Finding solace in travel and writing.

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