The sudden honking of a train,
Slowly arriving at the platform,
Still throbs his heart.

Talking to the strangers still comforts him more than the fake hearts.

He still finds it amazing to stand on a train’s gate
Being immersed in the moment,
Thoughts continuously passing by,
Yet emotions can’t take him away

He still likes to stick his hand out of the window and do the waves,
He still likes the wind caress his face.

He still likes to talk to himself
A dreamer by the day,
Horny and lonely by the night,
Sometimes waking up in fright.

He still loves to land up in a wrong lane,
Rejoicing in watching the crowd who are lost in the continuous loop of life,
Never caring to find a way.

He still loves to walk aimlessly on the unknown paths,
Hoping to arrive at the place where he belongs.
He realized that he still loves his own company,
beckoning him to travel along.


Author: Hariom PrabhakarSingh

Finding solace in travel and writing.

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