The Hill Of Ego

But what is it that lies beyond the visible?

Beyond my imagination?

What is it that I am searching for?

Is it worth all the pain?

Will I return again?

What do I want?

Where is my quest towards the unknown leading me?

Will I ever be satisfied?

Will I ever find the answers?

Will I ever be calm and give up on my restlessness?

Restlessness? For what? What am I thinking?

Who am I?

What is the purpose of all this?

Do all these even make sense?

But he had to climb that hill anyway,

To test his patience,
To test his confidence,
To test his beliefs,
To find the answers.

The clouds roared,
winds tried to sway him away,
the lightning struck!

But he somehow managed to climb that hill after sliding and failing a few times,

Only to realize that there was nothing he expected.
Hills had no answer to his questions.

But that day, he conquered the hill of his ego,

And realized that there is no end to the vast mystery and the treacherous hills.

In that gloomy day surrounded by the dark clouds, a strange light shone within him.

The light which guides him to climb higher but at the same time taught him to be humble and patient enough to learn and believe in the process of the universe.

The hill of ego

Author: Hariom PrabhakarSingh

Finding solace in travel and writing.

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