Reminiscing old times: Road trip to Alibaug, Kashid, and Murud…

Although the travel world is changing with people looking for more offbeat experiences and adventure, the clichéd trip to Alibaug is still one of the most preferred weekend getaways. It has long been catering to the recreational needs of wary travellers, especially from Mumbai and Pune who prefer breaking away, with comfort. While going through the old pictures, I became nostalgic remembering the simpler times when planning a vacation meant going to Alibaug/Lonavala.

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Alibaug Beach
Nagaon Beach, Alibaug.

Alibaug Beach

On one such road trips from Mumbai to Alibaug, I convinced my friends to explore and travel all the way to Kashid Beach. While Alibaug still tops the chart for the crowd it attracts, I discovered that Kashid Beach is cleaner and a peaceful alternative (Not sure about the current situation though. This was a few years back).

Kashid Beach
Kashid Beach

Long stretched white sand beach lined with pristine palm trees, pocket-friendly homestays, fresh seafood coupled with chilled beer and friends by your side makes you believe in the much-needed respite from the mundane.

Sunset at Kashid Beach

Sunset at Kashid Beach

Sunset at Kashid Beach

Next day, we also visited Murud-Janjira fort (which is a 20kms drive from Kashid) to get a peek into the history.

enroute Murud
Enroute Murud.
Road trip to Murd Janjira Fort
Ah! The view…
Enroute Murud
A dilapidated structure overlooking the sea made a great frame to capture.

Enroute Murud

The 17th century built fort proudly sits in the middle of the sea, like a jewel in the crown. I remember that the boat services were closed when we reached in the afternoon due to high tide. It felt like it was taunting us, ironically in the same way, it had taunted its enemies.

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Murud Janjira
Murud Janjira Fort.

Our visit to the fort was compensated by having authentic Malvan cuisine at Patil Khanaval hotel in Murud and tripping on repeated glasses of soulkadhi– An appetizer drink made from coconut milk and kokum.

Patil Khanaval- Murud
Simple yet delightful setting under the shade of coconut trees. Patil Khanaval hotel is pocket-friendly and a great pit stop for trying local cuisine.

So here’s to the short break from a fast-paced city life to the slow rustic coastal life, rough weekdays to a carelessly-sipping-coconut water-on-the-beach weekend, the cry of struggle to the joy of freedom, concrete jungles to the natural aura. A place with lip-smacking local cuisine, temples, forts, scenic driveways- suitable for everyone. Being a Mumbaikar myself, no matter what, a trip to Alibaug/Kashid always pops up naturally to my mind when it comes to planning a short beach vacation.

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Finding solace in travel and writing.

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