‘Tis the season of self-evaluation

To say that 2018 was a roller coaster ride would be such a generic statement to make. When we look back at the past and realize how far we have made it, it always seems to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, challenges, defeats, and victory. However, for me, 2018 was to consciously take a ticket for a crazy ride. Somehow I had already realized that it is going to be a year of persistence and bold decisions. Was this ride worth it? Of course yes, but did it lead me towards success or finding a purpose in life? I know not!

After experimenting with so many solutions in the chemistry lab of life, all I derived was the precipitation of lessons which I would like to carry with me in the years to follow.

Stop. Introspect. Choose.

Reasoning from my point of view after taking advice from others and learning to say “No” to people/ experiences I don’t like helps me to be content with my choices, irrespective of good/bad.

An evening contemplation
Lost in contemplation. Successfully ditched the new year plans of Goa and escaped to a relatively quiet place- Vengurla Beach, Maharashtra.

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Travel for experiences.

Be it a mountain-top, a beach, or a fort, the sunset remains the same. Don’t stick to a niche; travel for experiences.

Nahargarh fort-Jaipur
The nature lover tries to find beauty in forts and museums. Picture clicked at Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur.

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Let Go!

When slogging for 14 hrs. a day took a toll on my health, I decided to call it a quit. But, even difficult is to get rid of the past that leads to over-thinking, procrastination, and fearing the possibilities that may/ may not arise. The more I learn to let go my past, the more I feel detached from these mental habits associated with them. It also helps me to focus on the road that lies ahead.

Quitting job

Most of the things in life are simple.

Now that I have quit my job and have time to observe myself as a third person, I realize that how subconsciously we are entangled into habits that are worthless. And some of them become the reason for restlessness and complicate things to a point from where it is difficult to return. Like always craving for fast food, constantly checking the phone for no good reason, spending a lot of time in the toilet, etc. It feels surprisingly good to be active throughout the day after relying on raw vegetables, fruits, and home cooked food. Keeping the phone away saves a lot of time which can be invested in other useful things. Going quickly through the morning chores helps me abide by the daily routine of exercise and mediation. It’s simple. Really!

Kovalam beach
Forget everything for a while. Go watch a sunset!

Loneliness is a gift, we fail to admire.

From sleeping like a bear and socializing for rest of the day to sitting in a bedroom trying to utilize the siesta time, being alone made me feel anxious at first but gradually helped me to learn a thing or two on my own without even realizing of the efforts put into it.


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Persistence and patience is the key!

Having not yet figured out what I really want to do with life, I find it wise to win each day and patiently hope for things to fall in place. This is the only way I know to console my heart. Meditation also helps.

Travel often
Aren’t we all travellers traversing from one experience to another by learning and unlearning things and meeting new people on our way? And in the end, we are all alone making our choices on this journey called life.

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Stay connected with your inner child.

Whenever I feel discouraged, I look back at my younger self who was an impulsive child, always willing to learn and win. With the time and maturity, I seem to have lost a deeper connection with myself which I continuously try to trace back now. I strongly believe that we had all the qualities as a child that we are now looking for.

Stay connected to the inner child
Guess who’s the kid here?

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Travel often! Travel smart!

Prove everyone right when they say travelling is escaping from responsibilities. Travel more often! Also, don’ rely completely on humanity while travelling. Racism and bad people exist in society. Be alert and travel smart.

Varkala beach
Varkala: Where caucasian foreigners are respected more than the fellow countrymen.

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Very close to the tourist destination lies an interesting town/ a village unexplored.

This year I stuck to a formula to explore an alternative place to the famous tourist spot where transport, food, and accommodation wouldn’t be a problem owing to its proximity to a well-known place. My experiences in such places were so good that I’m yet to find the right words to describe those places in my blog.

Bathad village
The sun bids a final goodbye by enchanting the snowy peak with its last few rays! Picture clicked at Bathad village in Himachal, situated at the last motorable road ahead of Gushaini (Tirthan Valley).

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Wake up early.

There is nothing called as a sunset person. Stop making excuses and wake up early.

Not seen anything like this before. A surreal sunrise moment at Vattakanal.

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Discipline is necessary.

In my quest to finding interest in things I would love to do, I noticed that doing anything repeatedly, however for a small period of time, not only helps to grow interest in the subject but also increases will and focus to do it. And in order to develop such a good habit, discipline is necessary.

Anjarle Beach

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Prayer helps to stay positive.

After reading a countless number of books on effective ways of living, writing and even blogging, there are a few common points in all of them stressing on the power of affirmation, visualization and practicing silence. I always found it difficult to obey the step-by-step rules mentioned in the books. But spending a week in YSS ashram in Ranchi helped me understand that the simple and effective way to achieve this can be prayer. Let’s just say prayer acts as a lubricant applied to the mechanical ways of “10 steps to success…”

Pushkar Lake
A devotee praying at the Pushkar Lake.

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Life is not to be taken too seriously.

Above all, I have learned to make peace with myself. Happiness, sadness, mistakes, struggle are part of all of us. We can’t remain in the same state forever. Can we? All we can do is to sit and observe them sometimes, like a motion picture where we are just a spectator. Only then we’d realize how much we were missing on the simple details, that makes the picture a brilliant cinematic experience. Some of those moments teach us something while many of them don’t make sense to us. And that’s okay!

Best moment-2018
Take it easy!

Did you jot down the lessons learned in 2018? Do you have a resolution for the next year? Share your views in the comment.

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Hariom PrabhakarSingh

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4 thoughts on “‘Tis the season of self-evaluation”

  1. From view point, this is your best post so far! Heartfelt, sincere and authentic.
    I could totally resonate with everything that you mention here. Again, so many of these things happened to me in 2018. Doesn’t it feel amazing to think that so may different people have felt the same way in 2018? Makes me now think that there was something magical about 2018. I hope the magic multiplies in 2019. You know sometimes I fear that my mind may stop thinking and feeling the way I do right now.
    Practicing silence, keeping away the phone, meditating – all of these I religiously do now.
    Jobwise I too wish I could take a bold step like you did. But for me, its too late to experiment. How I wish I would have been exposed to all of this 8-10 years back. No regrets, at least it happened now.
    That sketch is awesome, it’s a story by itself!
    Each and every pic you put up here seems to be telling stories and sending positive messages too 🙂
    Many more good things are on your way as you’ve already taken a step in that path.
    Wish you lot more journeys, lot more travel, lot more silence, lot more happiness and fulfillment.
    Keep experimenting, do what you like to do, you never know what lies round the corner. Good Luck!


    1. Oh God! Sometimes I really wonder if I deserve all this. Thank you so much, Neel. And thank you for being there. What was even magical about 2018 was all your comments and motivation to keep me going. I always admire your positive approach towards life and try to imbibe those qualities in me. Can’t believe my stars that I found such a good friend on the internet. With all sincerity, I wish and pray for you and your family’s well-being.

      And about the fear of losing the good feelings and thoughts. Well, we are on the same boat here and I think we will always be on that edge of returning back. But can we really hold on to this feeling forever? That is why my fight is to not hold on to the feelings but to keep practicing the things I believe in and not give up on them no matter what may come.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Likewise, I feel just the same way. As I wrote in my post that I never thought I could make meaningful connections through blogging. It truly delights me to be able to share with you this piece of my journey in life. Another note of gratitude to 2018 for the friend I found in you 🙂
    More inspirations and motivations to us in 2019!
    I like how you put it about not holding on but to keep practicing. After all not holding on to anything is a lot of what we are talking about here!

    Liked by 1 person

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