Best Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

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Life in Mumbai is always chaotic. This is one city in India that never sleeps. Mumbai is dynamic, exciting and full of life. The hustle and bustle of life is always restless and working 24 x 7. But other than the shimmers and glitters of this city, Mumbai also has to offer a lot of weekend trip near Mumbai. These are the places that everyone should visit to relax their mood and rewind themselves. Mumbai is surrounded by the majestic Western Ghats and offers a lot of getaway options to the tired soul. This is what made us create this article for travellers who are looking for superb weekend getaways. Read on

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

The Karnala Bird Sanctuary in on the Mumbai- Goa highway. If you are looking for a peaceful and lovely getaway near Mumbai then this has to be your first choice. The forest is spread over 4.8 sq km and it is the home of more than 150 bird species. Not just this over 37 immigrant birds can also be seen in Karnala Bird Sanctuary. This could be your ideal picnic spot for the weekend too. Take along your family and drive here.

The distance from Mumbai to Karnala Bird Sanctuary is 60 km and the best time to visit here is from October to April. Avoid the monsoon season to visit this place because you will hardly see any birds during the rainy season.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary
Source: Google

Things to do: Bird watching, trekking, the botanical garden.


Kajrat is 62 km away from Mumbai and it won’t take you a lot of time to reach here. On the basin of river Ulhas nestles the beautiful town ofKarjat. This is a place which is immensely blessed by nature. Mountains, picturesque view, forts, vistas, and rock-cut cave temples make this small town a must visit place near Mumbai. There are a lot of things to do in Karjat.

The best time to visit here is in between July to September.

Karjat in monsoon.

Things to do: You can come here to relax, trek, and rock climbing, waterfall climbing, picnic, boating, white water rafting, and rappelling.


The next that we have on our list is perhaps one of the most popular destinations among the weekenders. Matheran lies at a height of 2516 above sea level. What you will get to experience here is a lush green forest, peaceful environment, and serenity. Well, isn’t that a good reason to visit Matheran? You can also take a ride on toy ride from Neral to Matheran. If you require any taxi service to travel try Uber promo code.

Matheran is 83 km away from Mumbai and the best time to visit here is from October to May.

Source: Google

Things to do: Trekking, horse riding, sightseeing, walking and valley crossing. Once you reach here you can go to the Heart Point, Luisa Point, Lords Point, Echo Point, and One Tree Hill.

Lonavala and Khandala

Remember the “aatikyakhandala song” from the movie Ghulam? Yes, we are talking about the same Khandala. This twin hill resort at a distance of 93 km from Mumbai and to be honest is the heart of Mumbai people. Whether you are planning for a one day trip or want to embrace the hills and forget about everything, well Lonavala and Khandala are the places for you.

The best time to visit here is in between October to May. You can plan a two-day trip here to explore everything that Lonavala and Khandala has to offer

View from Tungarli Lake, Lonavala.

Things to do: You can visit Korigad Fort, Bedsa Cave, Tungarli Lake, Duke’s Nose, Pavna Lake, and Lonavala Lake. This place is famous for trekking, flee market and camping.


After you complete your trip in Lonavala and Khandala travel for 16 km to reach Kamset. If you are an adventurous person and love to take part in enthralling sports then you are going to love us for introducing you to Kamset. Kamset is the king of paragliding in India. This place is covered with a plethora of paragliding spots. For a quick adrenaline rush make sure to do paragliding here. You can avail Ola coupon code to hire an Ola outstation cab.

It is 102 km away from Mumbai and the best time to visit here is from October to May.

Source: Google

Things to do: Kamset is famous among paragliders, apart from this come here to visit Karla Caves, Kondeshwar Temple, Uksan Dam, Bhairi Cave, Bedsa Caves, and Raikar Farm. You can come here to enjoy trekking, swimming, rock climbing, as well as boating.


If on your next weekend trip all you want to do is take part in adventurous activities then visit Kolad. Once you see the Kundalika River gushing in full force, you will be blown away looking at the serene beauty. It’s an ideal place for travellers who want to have some fun along with sightseeing.

The distance from Mumbai to Kolad is 124 km and the best time to visit here is from June to February.

Source: Google

Things to do: You can visit Tala, Kundalika River, Kansai Falls, Kuda Caves, and Tamhini Falls. Come here for hiking, paragliding, rafting, boating, and kayaking.


Take a road trip from Mumbai to Malshej and enjoy the beautiful trip. You will cross the majestic Western Ghats Mountain pass which will rejuvenate your soul and uplift your mood. You know you need a break and nothing can be better than taking a long drive through the mountains.

The distance from Mumbai to MalshejGhat is 154km and the best time to visit here is either from July to September or from October to March.

Malshej ghat

Things to do: Trekking, camping, picnic with friends and family.

Now you know where to go for the next weekend getaway trip. So, pack your bags and drive.

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