After 4 years of toiling in the IT sector, I realized that my true interest lies in travel and writing.

Why Lotusinmud?

I strive to connect with the readers emotionally through compelling storytelling that comes from my experiences and learnings on the road. I provide an honest review of the places I visit, practical tips to visit the far-flung places and also curate travel itinerary so that the readers can enjoy the best of the place and find the offbeat things to do. 

As the name of the website suggests, I associate myself with the flower “Lotus”, which is a symbol of purity (or honesty, in my case) and dedication to bloom amid the mud. I believe in creating original and fresh content and live up to the client expectations. My indomitable will to grow like lotus makes me curious to explore new places, experience various cultures and meet new people. 


  • I have been awarded as a “Gold blogger”  by SHOWMYCONTENT for sharing quality content on their platform.
  • Several posts of mine have been selected as the top post by the Indibloggers and have been featured on the Indiblogger homepage. Ex

                    Road trip to Harihareshwar: Misadventures and Ruminations

                    Standing through tides and times: Jaigad Fort and Karhateshwar Temple

Below are the few services I’d love to provide:

Tourism Boards, Travel and Lifestyle Brand, NGOs

  • I’d love to review the traditional homestays, hotels/cafes.
  • To showcase the local culture through visual storytelling/photographs.
  • To promote and review the products of travel brands.
  • To collaborate with offbeat travel/ trekking companies.
  • To curate travel itinerary.
  • I look forward to long-term collaboration as a brand ambassador.
  • I’m open to collaborating with NGOs working to enhance tourism in remote places and spreading awareness about the importance of the environment.

Freelancing (Writing, Photography)

  • I can customize and plan a travel itinerary as required for travel websites, magazines as well for aspiring travellers.
  • I’m open to contributing to Hotels and Airlines magazine. 
  • Also willing to write for other magazines and travel websites.
  • To undertake travel/landscape photography assignments.

Blogging, Handling Social Media Content

  • I specialize in writing SEO driven blogs and photo-stories.
  • I can handle social media contents and create engagements over various social networks.

To discuss the requirements, please connect with me through the CONTACT page or email me at

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